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Die Casting Design
Mold Flow for Die Cast Optimization . . .

MAGMASOFT® Mold Flow Simulation

1. Casting Development

In the early design phase of casting development, mold flow simulation is an outstanding technical tool
to ensure a robust casting design. Our goal is to assist our customers in developing a casting that will
perform to customer requirements and specifications, while at the same time ensure the casting is
optimized for the die cast process and minimize any quality concerns down stream.

Play Solidification Rate Video
This video defines the Solidification Rate of the Casting and is very useful in predicting where Shrink
Porosity will be present in the casting. This result also allows us to better communicate to our customers
with Product Design Recommendations, along with developing a Porosity Standard with our customers
based on FEA results from MAGMAsoft® HPDC.

2. Die Cast Tooling Design

After the casting design is optimized, simulation with MAGMAsoft® is also utilized to verify the design of
the tooling. While considering the critical nature of metal flow into the die, simulations are produced to
view the metal travel through the gating and runner system, into the cavity and finally proper fill in the
overflow features. Our Engineering team reviews the data watching for air/gas entrapment, hot spots,
and other potential design risks. As a result of this intervention, we can minimize costly changes to the
production die cast tool, that cost valuable lead time delays. With this advanced engineering tool,
Yoder is able to ensure PPAP dates a met and provide a flawless launch to our customers.

Play Fill Temperature Video
This video shows Filling Temperatures of the melt during the cycle, this result from MAGMA is useful
in planning and designing both the cooling geometry and spray pattern’s for the die cast die.

Mold Flow for Engineering Process Control

As the die cast tool ages, it is necessary to be actively reviewing ways to reduce defects and minimize scrap.
Simulations of the existing tool tied to machine parameters, as well as auxiliary equipment, can be particularly
revealing. Making subtle input changes into the mold flow software can provide immediate feedback on what
changes need to be made to the die, process, or equipment. Problem solving time is greatly reduced and
often results are immediate.



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